COVID-19: What you need to know

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 12:00

First of all, welcome to The Channel! You’ve landed here at a worrying time and I’m sure lots of you are feeling uncertain about the situation as it currently stands with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Here at The Channel, we are going to be doing our best to support you in anyway we can. There are questions you need answers to, we’re going to try and answer them and also have some advice we can share.  

It’s completely natural and understandable to be concerned about the COVID-19 situation, and we know many of you want to know if having epilepsy puts you at greater risk. Currently, there is no evidence that having epilepsy increases your chances of having the virus, or making it more severe, but it’s still really important to look after yourselves.  

With people all over the country being isolated from each other, it’s important that we pull together to share stories, tips and to remain as positive as we can, and that’s where The Channel comes in. We want you to find some hope and comfort in that we are all here together, and will be serving you guys up lots of info on how you can stay safe and healthy (and happy!) during this time.  

Amongst the information on COVID-19, hopefully you’ll also love the articles and videos that we have for you relating to everyday life. Some of it may seem a bit irrelevant at the moment as things aren’t quite “normal”, but once we’re back to our regular lives, the information we have on ‘Going Out-Out’ and ‘Travelling’ etc should feel more appropriate.  

So, relax, have a look around, and get familiar with the place. We look forward to spending more time together.

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You asked and we've done our best to answer!

Neil Williamson, an Epilepsy Nurse Specialist answers the questions put forward by you guys via our Instagram, click to watch the video.