Beth Dobbin: How Epilepsy has Impacted my Mental Health

Olympic Sprinter, Beth, had her first seizure at 13 years old. The seizure was so serious that it left her paralyzed down the left hand side of her body, and left her unable to walk, talk or even recognise her parents.

Now seizure free, and after an incredible year competing for Team GB at the Olympics in Tokyo in 2021, we spoke to Beth about how her epilepsy has impacted her mental health. 

How has epilepsy impacted your mental health?

'The anxiety was definitely worse than the actual epilepsy itself'
Beth Dobbin

How did you get support?

'CBT saved my life'
Beth Dobbin

How do you deal with the mental side of sport?

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Beth and Darcey sat on the sofa
Beth Dobbin interviewed by Darcey Morris
Children with epilepsy are four times more likely to develop mental health problems than other young people. Support is desperately needed, yet only 15% of children’s epilepsy clinics offer it.

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