A Spotlight on Rare Epilepsies

When the cause of epilepsy affects less than 200,000 people globally, it is considered to be a rare epilepsy. They are extremely complex and can take months and even years to diagnose.

As part of our rare epilepsies campaign, we looked into a vast number of syndromes and conditions, including Dravet Syndrome, Myoclonic Astatic Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome and Lennox Gastaut Syndrome.

During the course of this project, we have met some wonderful people, many of whom are featured in our video. Some of these amazing young people are nonverbal, and it was so important to us to provide a space in which they could express themselves.

At Young Epilepsy, we want to encourage the independence and creativity of people with rare epilepsies and support those who are caring for them.

Because everyone deserves a voice.

We met some wonderful students at St Piers School and College to learn more about their epilepsy
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Is your epilepsy affecting your mental health?

It's ok to not feel ok, but remember, you don't have to feel alone.